Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Sunday Morning coffee is tasty after a tropical luau at the Dole house yesterday! We were up early and working on decorations and prep before 7:00 yesterday. One reason that Ruskin was my favorite all-time room-mate was his determination to clean up and keep things in order. The pics that follow are good times and good friends. I like that.

Some things feel like home here in suburban Denver

Aaron's Pico was a hit! Here is my recipe, Enjoy!

3 Roma or small Tomatoes - Seeded
1 Big White Onion
1/2 a Big Green Pepper
1/3 of a bunch of Cilantro
2 Jalepeno Peppers - No seeds or ribs
3 Cloves of Garlic - minced or pressed

Juice of 1 lime

Garlic Salt & Black Pepper - Generous to taste

Dice by hand into small pieces and combine with juice and spices. Chill for an hour before serving with resturant style tortilla chips - Kick back and wait for the compliments!

Amounts are flexible but should work out to equal parts Green, White & Red like the Mexican Flag.

Roxy was no help during the prep process!

Rusky's back yard - ready for guests!

Lisa and the beater :)

Lisa, Abby & Ali - Ready to Relax!

Casey can make fun of my Graphic Polo, but I have a pic with a cute girl, so there!

Our Freedom isn't Free and since we're in the flight path around Buckley AFB we had constant reminders! Gratitude Galore to All our Soldiers and their Families!!!

Glad that Ringo came to chill at the Luau - I'd heard he was hiking across the Rockies, but he gave up those dreams to wear a grass skirt on Ruskin's deck instead. Love Ya Steve!

The weather started with rain, but when the sun came out it was nice!

The kids enjoyed the KILLER WHALE!!!

Jamie, Sierra & Lisa - I have to document here that I was Blown Away with Lisa's discipline level with her kids. She's an instructor of Love & Logic. I don't have any crumcatcher's of my own, but will for Sure be checking into L&L someday!

Guess where the house dog wanted to hang out... By the Burger Plate!

Rusky and his Cutie Cart!!

Campfire??? Kinda :)

Mojito Central - The Rockies Game was on and we watched intensley through the window... By intense, I mean: I worked on my mojito INTENSLEY :)

Good times with good friends. The Luau had a great turnout and credit to Ruskin and Lisa for being gracious hosts! I'm about to embark on the cross-country-ness of this trip, but may chill out for one more day here before hitting the road. Tune in soon to find out! Thanks and much love to all my family and friends out there!!!
- A

I asked Ali around 1:00 while making Pico if it was time for the first cold one... when I went to the cooler, this song was on... So Enjoy!

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  1. All of the folks here in Pacifica are older "much" than the folks in your photos but we will do our best!