Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the Rocks

Hello from a McDonald's in Steamboat, Co - This is my second spot I set up to work on the blog - the first was the back end of the Trooper in a parking lot at a public park... This is more comfy - less dog-hair-eee and the connection is much faster! Today's update will be yesterdays pics and thoughts I wrote out last night at camp. Today's goal may be all the way to Green River, WY - we'll see how things shape up this afternoon. :)

Monday Night Thoughts - Since leaving Denver - or at least attempting to leave Denver, I've traveled and viewed and been humbled over and over. By Attempting to leave, I mean that because of poor planning and GPS boycott - I took two wrong turns that changed a 20 minute drive into 2 hours!! Aurora to Golden - look it up, it ain't that far! This was the first of my humblings because I was so stuck in downtown construction and one-way traffic that all I could do was laugh and be glad I have no set schedule. I was powerless to do anything but slowly wade through the cars till I finally got through.

Out on 72 I was climbing switchbacks and cresting foothills to get the first good look at the Rockies ahead... Humbled. Again.

I hit a mountain lake right before diving into canyon road 119.

Roxy enjoyed the river that poured from that lake and began a delicious drive - that I will only explain in words - didn't really have a moment to snap pics with both hands on the wheel!

119 Canyon Road to Boulder was magical. This strip of black along the canyon floor is a place where the driver must fiercely focus on your line as you dart left, dart right, corkscrew and u-turn between immense sheer cliffs. The river to your right races you. The river wins. Your mind is clear, only vision is on where you want to be... unless you chance to glance up. Instant Goosebumps. The busted crumbles and krags of granite explode into the sky. Heat washes over you. Awestruck, you say Thank You and smile ear-to-ear.

After rolling through Boulder, traffic builds on 36. Pedal Bikers attack the climbs and scream on the decents. Estes Valley is close and cozy.

Here I got cell reception and called Momma. She and I chatted, while I completely blew through Estes Park and was almost immediately at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Camp CarpCo is about to visit The Big One.

Headed toward TRR. The views are Vast.

Lookout points dot the road that we are about to enjoy.

Trail Ridge Road - Rocky Mountain National Park - Highest Elevation 12,183ft.
You Want Grand?? You Want SuperNatural?? You Want Beyond Belief?? Prepare yourself for more Humble Pie.

Climbing, Rising, Your eyes enjoy views beyond 100 Miles. The artwork, the contrasts, the power and beauty.

Excellent place for this guy to clock in every day. They are resurfacing one of the highest roads in the country.

The insignificance we feel while stargazing at mystical distances, is thrust into your tangible physical space. Make a quick turn and come face to face with your creator. Human comprehension of this expansive creation is fantastically impossible.

Back on earth, we find a River and Roxy Runs Through It.

Grandby lake is our stopping point for the night - beautiful as well. The beetle-pine-killers have been busy here, huge areas are not only dead-brown lodgepole trees, but many acres have been cut and stacked. This place will need recovery time, it looks different now, but human-time is much too short for this type of change. Nature will be fine - will we?

Camp established lake-side and time for a cold one.

It's just Rox and I now till Oceanside. After a full day of tense driving, emotional powerlifting, and bawling big 'ol tears at nature's beauty - I am spent. I miss people, friends and family. This moment of solitude has arrived by design. I've known for awhile that I need to sit by myself, with myself and discuss some things. I'll update you on how the conversations, agreements and agree-to-disagreements go :)

Thinking of you all - Love You All. Back to the Road Now.

- A


  1. Awesome pics, looks like great scenery for your drive today, that keeps it interesting at least! I hope are staying awake driving without my constant coughing to keep you alert! Miss you here in KS, glad you are safe, sleep tight and don't let the tent bugs bite! Love, Jess

  2. Wow Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the most beautiful places on the earth, I believe. Great place to let your thoughts run wild and become more in touch with them. Amazing pictures. Take care!

    Love ya