Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vista Cruiser

Good Afternoon! I'm chillin for a bit off the 101 somewhere south of San Fran - the Golden Gate was Awesome!! Those pics will be tomorrow. Today is our journey from Oregon's Sandy Coast down to the 1 highway in Cali - past the Redwoods...Enjoy :)

Pretty basic looking from here, head south. Trust me, this looks waaaay more simple than it is :) lucky me!

Sun-Up at Darling's Resort.

This is a Where's Waldo type pic - my tent is in there somewhere, can you find??

Uh oh... I'm taking pictures of flowers....

Terri, Garret, Ashley & Cindy were really nice. It was hard to leave this place. Just felt like chillin at Pomona with friends.

Only realy glimpse of the Dunes in Oregon - heard the bikes runnin at night... This place must be huge, the ATV rental places went on for miles.

The Pacific at Bandon. Breathtaking.

I was proud of Rox for sitting for this pic - she wanted that water So Bad!

An emotional moment for me. Seeing her running and jumping into the waves. She was so thrilled. We've come a long way. Seeing this for the first time in my life, I felt the waves hit me.

A nice passerby took this...

The 101 highway follows very close to the coast. around every corner, and there are Hundreds of Corners, is a Vista Point. Sign, turnoff and everything. Each one is more beautiful than the last... hard to keep moving forward and So Worth the Trek out here!!


For hundreds of miles of coast, Huge chunks of rock refuse to be submerged. The pics here do not translate size and beauty.

Another beach stop, another happy Roxy moment.

Want more?? There's more :)

About to be humbled again for the umpteenth time today.

Living national treasures. The environment they create for us forest floor dwellars is sublime. Dark with shafts of light. Ferns and coolness. Feels prehistoric somehow.

A shot upwards into the leaves shows their evergreens grabbing the sunight a hundred feet up.

Yes, that tree trunk is wider than my car.

I liked how our dinky little strip of black asphalt looked winding in and out of these monsters. And how the little monsters, like little brothers, are just waiting for the day they grow up and take over the skies.


The crossover in to Cali -really felt like a different planet to me somehow... 'Ol Don here was another earthling like me in an alien world.

Changing from the 101 to the 1 highway was night and day. I mentioned a Goat Path in Utah?? This is a paved, narrower, windier, steeper than goats would want to use... and went on and on and on for miles! FUN!

Near the coast, the fog set in.

Sun beginning to set. This is taken at a cliff-top. Hundreds of feet down to the water here...

Another Vista Point. Another breathtaking moment.

I like these guys...

Last shot of the day... from atop a Vista Point on the 1.

More of the story here... I really did have a hard time leaving Oregon this morning. It felt great to be among nice people, the lake and the ammenities of the resort. I of course had many jaw-dropping moments on the drive. I really wanted to stop a hundred times and yet, once on the 1 highway it felt as if I wasn't getting very far... so I kept truckin.

In the fog and along the sheer cliffs I started to get a little delerious from driving. I think I was pushing a little too hard. Mind boggled from the day, I passed up some over-crowded campsites on the beach. Saw a bunch of No Vacancy signs in Fort Bragg and then found myself without lodging at all. I knew this point would come in the trip. I was slightly disspointed in myself... but needed to buck up and get through. I found a beachfront parking lot that allowed overnighters, tried to sleep in back with Rox, ended up in a sleeping bag in the driver's seat. When Ranger Rick came by and wanted some money, I gave it.

Almost to run out of steam in the fog and winding coastline of Cali, I,Of Course made it through the night just fine. Even got some decent sleep. I love these moments and the mountain top and seascape views the same... this is what I came here for... challenging myself to be happy in all times and know that I have a purpose and I'm moving forward in that everyday.

Get ready, I'm about to get preachy soon... I can just feel it!!

- A

Instead of the obvious Hotel California here... I'll go for some Good Ol Kansas. I needed to hear that familiar stuff Way Out West


  1. Take lots of pics (like you need encouragement!) as you navigate your way down the coast...Roxy is going to love the So Cal waters!!

  2. Coast Highway 1 is probably my favorite drive I have ever been on. There are so many twists and turns and some what of an uneasy feeling because you are so close to the ocean. I must say north of San Fran is one of my favorite places. The Red Woods are also amazing and these pictures just don't do it justice. Loving the posts and pics. Stay safe!

  3. Absolutely amazing pictures! What a journey your on. Please continue to be safe and enjoy every mile of it!

  4. Hey Aaron, I am glad you enjoyed the Southern Oregon coast! I told you it was the best! I recognize some of the shots you took near my hometown of Brookings!