Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey there, It's just Me again - this time from Afton, Wyoming. Beautiful day so far and headed to the Tetons. I'll post here my pics and notes from yesterday. I hope your week is going swell so far!!

My route yesterday - One Dandy Drive!!

The first moments after a great night's sleep. Holy Crap Roxy!! We're a long way from home and headed further! They say truth can be stranger than fiction and many moments like this, and the breathtaking views I've seen, can Prove That!

Packing up @ Grandby Lake - I spoke with Jerry the camp host. He's lived in KC and Enid, OK. His Words "If they were to give the world an enema: They'd have to use Enid, Oklahoma!" He was a fun guy to talk to :)

Just outside of camp, my first of many "Signs" to come that would remind me of family. The calmy moored sailboats were drinking in the mountain views just like me.

Rox is road ready in Granby City, just like always.

More great cliffs on my way to Kremmling, Co

The Nichols family has roots in Kremmling. I was there and hadn't done my research properly and didn't know where to look for landmarks. I gave a silent prayer to the Passed-On Family Members. They said "Thanks for thinking of us. You're on a ROADtrip, not a STOPtrip, so Keep on Truckin' and Enjoy!" Thanks Y'all!!

More Kool Kremmling

This is my new office chair - nice view huh??

GREAT!! The Divide Sign! We missed the one on Trail Ridge Road and Roxy wouldn't let it drop. She was ridin' me like a stick-horse over that! (stolen -TB!) She hopped out for the pic and just cause she was still salty, she faced back home...

Can you read the small print?? Grandpa Smell may have trouble with it, but this pic is for Him and Grandma - BELLA VISTA! I agree this was a Bella Vista as I headed down toward SteamBoat. A couple months ago as my life was about to change forever, I got priceless advice from both Bill and Carol - my wonderful grandparents. They supported my decision and gave me confidence to move forward. Their thumbs-up was the keystone to my arched bridge toward a new future. Thank You Both, I love you So Much!

The signs are starting to come rapid-fire now...

Alright, 5 minutes later here comes more... Mt. Werner - Megan's married name. I speak with her, I want to speak with her... Instead I smile and and think. 10 Years from now, I'll bring Johnnie, Melly & T-Bug up here for a ski-weekend... My treat. Cool?? Love all you Werners!

The mountain and ski slopes are in my rearview after updating the blog in a McDonald's in town...

My CD of the Band of Heathans should be worn out by now. It's spun countless times as it has become the true soundtrack for my trip. One Foot In The Ether is the name of album. I'll put another of their songs up today...

Alright - REALLY??? This is getting Ridiculous!!!

Beautiful wider open mountain scenery on the way west.

Okay - no doubt about it. I'm being watched, and loved today. Love You Tera-The-Belle PRICE!!

GPS - You should be my friend - why do you not like the same roads as me?? Another stretch of the No Show Road!

The overgrown sand dunes out on 183 were desolate, beautiful and traffic free - My Stylee - I found advice on this road in CRAIG!!!! and Maybell. I was told it had switchbacks and would be scenic - it was!

Roxy and I on an overlook of the canyony landscape... see the little waterfall in the corner??

So did We! Little hairy road to get to it, but worth it...

I decided to wash my hair.

Next came my favorite range of Mega Mountains... These guys had Attitude!

They sat low on the horizon. With inky-dark green complexion and serrated faces, black clouds perched on their shoulders... They didn't care.

They cocked thier eyebrows and snarled as I passed. I think they were pissed that I was staring at them...

Once we hit the Utah border and Green River country we were told the road would turn to Gravel.

"I Don't Think So, Tim!" With 4-wheel drive security, I had fun on this widened goat path.

Take me home to Green Riva'!!!

Scenic views from above the Green River Valley

Camel Rock - which I just named - reminded me of Joey - so I called him.

This upturned giant was poking out of the ground right before I turned toward Flaming Gorge, Utah... WAY more cool stuff like this to come!

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Dam View!

Sgt. Bryan Smith recommended a camp spot and a road to try in the morning. WOW, was that a good piece of advice. Great pics to come tomorrow from the Geo Loop at Sheep's Creek! Thanks again Sgt. Smith!

Cool landscape here around the lake. Little cacti - little chippy-munks - little lizards - HUGE LAKE!

Okay, so it's no Gour-Met meal, but it worked.

Sun sets on the lake.

Pre-blogging before bed - Roxy is relaxed.

Tonight I find myself very relaxed - becoming accustomed to my hobo-ways. This chunk of Utah is amazing. I find the tent and hit the sack for an early rise...

That is till TUCK calls at 1:30 mountain time... Nice chattin' with ya sissy!! Love, your bubby!

- A

This is one of the many songs on this album that hits home and Yes: I wish that You Were, "Right Here With Me, So Wild And Free!"


  1. Your pics have me wondering what type of camera you have. They are so great! Definitely frame-able when you get back to Kansas! :o)

  2. Tears and laughter of joy for you. I know how you feel. What a great way to share. Love you. Keep on keepin on.

  3. Love the your journey! I live vicariously through you while I'm stuck in the office 11 hours a day. Keep on keepin' on!

  4. Absolutely amazing is all I can say about your journey!! Your pictures alone say sooo many things. Continue to be safe!