Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Are Family

Good Morning, the Marine Layer is hanging around here in Oceanside and the day's plans are starting to shape up. I've got an update for ya, and I hope things are good where YOU are at :)

Yesterday's tour. "A" is Stace and Tom's place. "B" is Bob and Caroline's place.

6:00 a.m. - The backyard is alive with noises! Kylie is sounding the alarm that there is a varmit in those bushes!!

I crouch behind the barefooted Stacey, while we hear low growls and the barking and yelping of the small dog who wants a piece of that critter!!

Never did find out what was in there, but Rox was no big help and luckily I didn't have to use the 2 foot chunk of wood to fight off some rabid creature, if it happened to get past Stacy first!

Next, I run square into another Wile E Coyote - Bob on the Shuffleboard Court!!

Somehow, Bob and I picked chits that put us as opponents without other partners. I needed one of the other veteran shuffleboarders to - Help Me!!

Good times

He's a pro - and this is a FUN game!

Stacey delivered us a care package named Nick! Then we all went to lunch at the Harbor, tasty!

Oceanside Harbor


Oceanside Pier - the longest wooden pier in Cali - You'll have to take a REALLY long walk off of this one!

Top Gun House

Afternoon Chillin in the backyard.

Dinner was a walk down to Two Brothers Pizza!

The dogs were enjoying it too.

Mmmm, check out that tasty pie!

Good times sharing a pitcher (or two) with Nick and Tom. Tom is from New York, and is fun to listen to. He had a great story about hanging out at Payton's condo after the Colts AFC championship game... and he's a FANATIC Colts fan. So fun!

The Boyz were having their own fun three tables away.

Back at home, Stacy had returned from Gee-Tar lessons with Bob and we hung out some more.

Good Times, Good Family!

The Hostess with the Most'ess!

Now the brakes are on, the mood is chill, the Road is still out there, and Family Time feels right.

Nick and I will continue on soon, not really sure when we'll leave. Stace has some more cool stuff in the area to show us and Roxy the House Dog is in no big hurry. I have completely lost track of what day or week it is at all... and I may never again get to do that. So I enjoy. THANKS!!!

- A

Lovin' Is What I Got.

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  1. Theses pictures make me soooooo happy. I'm so glad you're there and getting to hang out with them. They all look great! Cali is especially treating the Comstocks well!