Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OceanRide, California

Hello Y'all! I finally am dragging myself away from the back porch to spend some time on this computer. Hope your day was good! Got here to Oceanside about 6:00 last night and have been Very Relaxed Every Since!

This is the Route Map Yesterday, tried to stay on the 1 and 101 as much as possible.

What's that you smell Rox?? The Road?? Oh Yeah, Let's Hit It!

EAT BUGS... My bug collection includes specimens from Western Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon & California. Sweeeeet.

The foggy mornings can be beautiful and much cooler than I expected here in Cali.

About this time is when the Trooper threw a Check Engine light, lost power and wouldn't go over 30mph... OH CRAP. Well, I knew this was a possiblity, and at least I was in a populated area and not a Mountain Top Pass, or an Oceanside Cliff Top Highway!

I pulled into a coffee shop. Did the blog update. Checked online about the possible causes of the issue, and with my Master Mechanic skills, performed a prodedure on the vaccuum system ensuring a proper seal... So once the Gas Cap was tightened to 3 clicks, it's ran great ever since!! Ha!

More CaliCattle

Some more Mountains along the coast.

Santa Barbara area - the Palms are looking goood here.

And more flower pics.

Here Comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause, Right Down...

Sorry :) Just had to.

Senior James!

Sweet Cribs on the coast in Malibu

Malibu shoreline

More pics, just to fill in for flavor.

I think these are the houses that sometimes slide down the hills...

Ocean view property

For my next long roadtrip... A sweet G-Wagon... I live in a house that cost less than half of one of the these new!

Okay maybe not everything is wacky out here on the coast, At least they got Turtle Racin!!

We stopped to wash off the Trooper, I had some good stickin' bugs, maybe those bloodsuckers from Yellowstone!

BMW's were a dime a dozen through here. Along with Mercedes and Porsche's. I made up a new word for the sport of driving through LA on the 101. NASCAL!! I loved the punch it-zig-zag-brake-hard-repeat driving. Like a carnival ride where my $4,000 truck could've trashed a half-a-million bucks in german driving machines with one wrong move!

Surfers were all over the beaches here.

And then finally - To Oceanside!!! Pulled in around 6:00!

Tom, Brett, Stacy & Jeff. Good times in thier sweet backyard. Enjoy our hangout pics below!

Oh yeah, Bob and Caroline came over too. Stacy made some killer fish/shrimp tacos.... Mmmm home cooking, I dig it!

And a fine vintage Sangria as well!

So glad to hang out with Bob and Caroline, need a good joke? Bob's the MAN!

Welcome to my - "No flash, campfire pics" I'll just let them speak for themselves :)

Oh yeah, Roxy was chillin in the Man-Cave with the Boyz

Stace and Tom are Great Hosts! Glad to finally be here in Oceanside!

What a trip it has been thus far! I knew that the Comstocks and Seeburger's place was my destination point. But the long and meandering trip here has been so Stellar! Roxy is back to being a spoiled house-dog out here and tomorrow brings Cousin Nick. YAHTZEE!!

Thanks for keeping up with things and I know the next week and a half or so will bring a lot more good times. This trip is not over by a long shot, so stay tuned and I'll try to keep it interesting. Love Ya, Thanks!!

- A

Lots of Cali bands were runnin through my Ipod in LA. Tons of Sublime, Red Hot and more Eagles too... Here is one good example, more to come!

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