Monday, July 5, 2010

Tomorrow will be Sweet, But So Was Today!

Tomorrow, the 6th, I leave Princeton to begin a month-long RoadTrip and the mood is Light T'Night! Had a Great Evening with beautiful family and friends. Homemade Pizza (one of my favorite foods) was on the menu and Yes, Brandy picked Mom's Meatlover as his favorite... apparently Carnivore is better than Hawaiian (my creation!).

Anyway, the proof is in this Princeton Pudding... See the Pic.

(Joe, Jess, Kell, Me, Tera-The-Belle, Jessica & Amelia)
(Roxy, Mom, Darren, Wader-Tater & Brandy)

I have a new sense of time that I've thoroughly enjoyed for the last couple weeks. I used this new method for packing for the trip. Crock-Pot Time is when you do little things throughout the day and don't ever get in a rush... I feel well prepared :)

Crock-Potting is also the way to financial peace! - More about that later :)

In the morning, I head to Beloit, Ks for lunch with Kelsey, a friend and fellow Financial Coach from Counselor Training in Nashville. Then to Atwood, KS for the evening with Jared, a Slimy Lawyer, RumRunnin Cowboy, and one helluva nice guy.

Sooo, wish me luck on this start of this journey, I'll probably need it. But My Cup Runneth Over with Support, Love, and Well Wishes from All Around :) Thanks to Everyone for Your Kindess!!

Oh Yeah... Bug Tera for me while I'm gone... I'll really miss that!!

I chose Kid for my mood tonight, hope you like it... All Summer Long!

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  1. Be safe! Besides Crock-potting, you better be doing some seat belt buckling! :)